Friday, May 26, 2006

Pine Acres

Today is a yucky day out...overcast.
It rained all night lastnight.
We went shopping yesterday after I dropped Chance off at work. Man alive...I was SO hot it wasn't even funny. By the time we hit the second store I was searching for seomthign I could wear that was lighter than what I had on. Of course once I got it on, the stupid rainstorm hit. Typical. lots of fun things yesterday...mostly clothes and such. We also went to Value Village, where we got a bargain of a deal...a D-sized bike (with training wheels) for only 4.99! D just loves it. After having Chance make a few minor adjustments on it this morning, it's ready to go. It's in good shape, hardly any wear on the tires, no scrapes that I saw, just a few stickers on the frame from the previous owner. Easily removed though.
Decided to start making cards for the elderly today, and instead of sending them out, decided to ship them to Pine Acres Care Home here on the rez like Chance suggested. So, I phoned and asked how many residents they house, and we'll have a bit to go before we can send them off. :o) 63 in total...oh boy!
Darius made his own "smoothie" with the Juicer this morning, though he wasn't awefully interested in drinking it.
I made myself a concoction that tasted almost exactly like a Strawberry Mocktail from Kelly O' Briens. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've been there...hmm.
X-men 3 opens today...I was hoping to take D to see it in the theatre since he loves X-men so much. We shall's are so expensive these days.
Ho hum...guess it's off to get me some perogies...I'm starving.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice idea...I looked at their website - pretty nice place.