Sunday, May 14, 2006

Baby Showers and BBQ's

I'm telling you...I really do wonder why I put effort into anything.
Today is Mother's Day and the day of my Bab ySHower. The day where I get to not only celebrate the lifeinside of me and exress the joy of having a new baby, but also the joy of being a Mother to Darius.
I don't think that I can express the disappointment about the turn-out from my family and friend's. Roger and Cathy phoned lastnight to cancel their appearance because they'd rather do "their own thing" on Mother's Day. Ali never bothered to confirm, and hasn't shown up. Mary was busy. Lori wouldn't budge to come and make an appearance because Phil has a visit this afternoon with Savannah. I didn' bother inviting Deb because I know she doesn't like big gatherings. No one else is here. The only people who showed up, are Jean and Ernie, and Gramma even caught a bus out today, and Harry is supposed to show up soon as well.
It's hard not to take it personally because it's a celebration in honor of me, and my mother, and my grandmother...and I feel like no one cares. Cathy said she's schedual a shopping trip with me to buy something.
Ya know, I'm not a shallow person, I don't "need" things. I'd like your support more than I'd enjoy a gift.
It hurts that no one made the effort to come out for free food and fun. It feels like no one cares about the effort that I made to make the salads, hamburger patties, veggie platters, put up decorations, or the baby I made in my stomache.
I should know better by now.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I would have been there for you (if not for the 2500 miles between here and there). I'm sad to hear what a disappointment it was for you. I think it's really wonderful that your gramma came down fom Little Fort...that had to to feel special (along with your mom and others who did show up)

Anonymous said...

They didn't deserve the nummy food. =P