Friday, April 28, 2006

What A World

Holy God I'm melting!!!

It was supposed to go to 25 degrees today. OMG, it was absolutely beautiful out!
Bright, clear, and sunny all morning, and the majority of the afternoon before getting a slight cloud cover to block in the heat and bring a slight breeze...barely a breeze.
I took a nap while D was napping, and I woke up roasting to death! Remind me never to do that again. Hotter than hot, and no way to cool down but drink lots of cool water. Just put the hose in my mouth and I'll be happy.
Remind me also to nap in my room when Chance is at home. In, Out, Honey-this, and Honey-that. Go away! :oP
I know better.
We spent our morning and afternoon at the park today, cause it was too nice to pass up.
I drove mom to work once again, came home, had breakfast, showered and went to Mission Creek Park.
Chance was nice and paked us a light lunch, and we had some fun.
D aimed for the playground (and he was tired of course, so not quite listening as well as he should've been) and romped a bit before sitting to eat a small snack (couldn't make him sit for the whole meal unfortunately) then we went for a nice walk, and seen a bunch of turtles at the pond we visit when there. We got to look at one real close cause there was a log right by the bank of the pond, and we didn't frighten it off, so it was nice.
It was unbelievably hot out...I swear, a scorcher! the type of day where you burn in the sun if you're in it for more than a minute. Definately time to go buy some new sunblock for D, and Chance. Chance already got his first sunburn of the season last Sunday.
Kinda funny thinkin about it, Chance is always in such a rush when we go out, and I've told him to stop rushing me when we're out or I'd stop taking him along.
Today while we were out, he kept trying, but I kept telling him unless he's got somewhere to be in the next 45 minutes, to shut it, and relax. He toned down, but he still walked faster than me. Kinda funny, D has three speeds...My speed, which he contentedly walks at when we're alone, Nana speed where he runs as fast and as far as he can, and Chance speed which is running and walking fast. Today they kept having to wait for me. They'd get so far ahead, then they had to stop and wait for me. Kind of embaressing, but I can only move so fast safely on those light trails.

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