Friday, February 03, 2006

Well...Soon We Know

We've got someone coming over to look at our mess.
I'm thankful that we know people who know what they are doing with this sort of thing. I'm thankful that we have the connections that we do. I'm thankful we are willing to learn how to fix things like these, and are not completely incapable of listening closely, and researching to find our own wayof fixing things.
I had to try really hard yesterday to stop my husband from projecting Kimmie's negtive feelings on me. It really annoys me that he has a tendancy to go projectile on me like that. I don't think he realizes how bad he can get, eventhough I've asked him time and time again to stop putting Kimmie's negativity on me because it has nothing to do with me.
Literally, we hadn't been in the door more than 10 minues (and I'll mention I didn't even get an "I missed you, how was your day") before Kimmie came out of his room pouting and ranting and raving about the effects of mould on the human system. As if we didn't know from our experience with our bedroom. And of course, he immediately picks Chance out of the lot because mom and I have no sympathy for the guy whatsoever, and he starts pouring out..."Ya ready to move, got someplace to go? We're gonna hafta move and loose money" yadah yadah.
So, my husband starts ranting to me, as if I haven't had every thought run through my head about mold, and as if I haven't considered how big of an undertaking this job could be...both costly and timewise.
I've been dealing with this issue since it was discovered now...stop, because there is no need to get so worked up. You can't go into a serious situation panicking, you need a level head with clear thinking to discover the best course of action. Do NOT panic...panic will get you no where.
So...once I got him calmed down enough to keep going on with life as usual...he's still on the verge of panic, we'll just hafta let the information sink in after we talked to an "expert" on how to go about fixing our latest problem.
God help me have patience with the men of our household...cause we know how crowds and people can get...we've all heard of "Mass Hysteria".
I've got enough problems...please, lets just do our best to make it through this one, because as I see it now, it's the least of my woes...though I'm sure that'll change in due time.
Anything is possible.

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