Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Games and more Games

What a long day. :oD
We started our day off nice by watching the Canadian Men loose their goddamned game against Russia and loose in shame. Then we went and wandered at Metrotown all day...I bought myself a whole new outfit from Old Navy...but, in the proccess, I spent all of my money. Shame shame. :o0
Was nice to just wander, but my hip kinda started bothering me. We got back home round 5:15...and we were schedualed to meet everyone no later than 5:45 to go bowling. So, even though we didn't have much of a rest, it was still really nice, and a relief on my hips and such.
We went 5-pin bowling, which was really fun! Though I didn't kick any ass, I was consistent in taking 3rd place each game we played. ;o)
I was very pleased to have Subway for dinner, as I was getting a touch tired of deep fried food. Am also thinkin about a fruit salad, but am now too low in funds to go splurge on one, so it's ok, I can wait until I'm home...back to my homemade applesauce. ;oD
We came back to the apartment, and played a new card game, and are now playing Burnout 3, one of my favorite road rage games...I love beating other cars off the track...makes for great stress relief.
After bowling my hip was really sore, and so was my thigh, but that's only cause I've been doing so much walking...So I'm thinkin I may just relieve myself with a nice hot bath tommorow to ease up my muscles tommorow.
Anyhow. I've been having fun, and it looks like I may just catch the bus home on Friday to avoid the hassel of going out, and having to sleep on the bus overnight, and waking up the peeps at home at all hours of the night again.
Tommorow night is game night with the fam, and it looks like only Kathie and Steven will be joining us tommorow, which kinda saddens me because I'm assuming that this is the only time during my pregnancy that my relatives, from the coast here, are going to have the opportunity to see me. Oh well...can't take things too personally I suppose, can't expect everyone to put their lives on hold for me.
I dunno what we're gonna do for tommorow...but we shall see.

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