Monday, February 27, 2006


God help me...I just want my son to eat. It's getting completely out o+f hand when it takes him 2 hours just to eat one tiny sandwhich built on a hot dog bun. It's uncalled for, and it just makes me want to rip my hair out. I absolutly refuse to be feeding two children when the next one comes out. Not happening in my lifetime, thank you.
Joy of Joys...the councilling at the place we're lookin at is 50 dollars an hour...gimme a break.
We'll eventually get into parenting classes there as well, but they don't have their spring schedual out yet, and we shall be contacted when it arrives. I can't wait to see the fees for those classes. Honestly, every single stinkin class I'm gonna wanna join is gonna cost money, including my pre-natal classes.
So far today we've done all of his puzzles and discovered two of them are missing one piece. Oh well. We played some this morning, but mostly snuggled on the couch cause I'm not feeling so hot. He took a nap for me, helped me clean his room and put his laundry away.
I got our laundry put away, tidied our room up, re-organized the games in the pantry and put all the games and puzzles away.
I had some yummy spaghetti for lunch...was originally aiming for the chicken soup that I froze, but got distracted by the spaghetti.
Wonder what time Chance is gonna get home? He didn't get outta here until quarter after 8. hmm.
Anywho...after 2 hours of waiting until D finished his sandwhich, we're finally gonna go head outside for some fresh air...hopefully that'll make me feel better.

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