Friday, February 17, 2006

Much Better

Well lo and behold.
Today was much better than yesterday...D was co-operative, and nice. He used his manners and didn't hit me once.
He didn't take a nap but he did stay in his bed for an hour or more quietly until I brought him out.
We had a good day, he helped me tidy and pick things up, then he helped me vacuum, and he even helped me make his snack, and we made a couple of very nice pictures of birthday cakes.
Was a good day...Kimmie brought home the new Harry Potter for D to watch, and after his rest, he watched the movie quietly while I got down to some baking and making dinner.
Making some bread, made some muffins and for dinner I tossed together some pigs in a request. My first time making them...hope it turns out.
I also managed to clean the bathroom...finally.
Now am just resting my feet for a few minutes b4 everyone gets home...I'm gonna hafta get on making the rest of dinner, as so far all I've done is the gonna hafta figure out what'll go well with them...
Was thinking mashed potatoes...but we shall see.

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