Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm a morning Person

Well, I am not ready to go foreward with my day.
Had Chance load everything but the fabric in lastnight, and the dining room looks much better.
Asked Kim to turn on the water so it's hot for me when I got up, and it only took me 10 minutes to add all the hot, then cold to adjust it to my temp. Am just getting ready to wake up Chance to move my shower back to the bathtub. :o) Like I said, designated-filler-upper. I really don't have a problem with it.
Course guess that's just my personality.
We rented 4 movies on Friday night. The Brothers Grimm, Four Brother, Unleashed and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Watched the 2 latter so far, and started watching Brothers Grimm lastnight, but only got halfway through it before bedtime...guess I'll hafta finish watching it later today.
Chance took me out to dinner Friday night, which was actually quite pleasant because he was very talkative (he asked me 3 times if he was talking too much or babbling)...but that way mainly due to the fact that he was tired. Stil tho...was very nice. I haven't enjoyed a steak like that in ages.
So, anyways...we priced everything out lastnight, that way we'll be ready for the masses when we ge there...the other vendors have a tendancy to swarm the table when you first get there to see if you have anything they'd be interested in. In any event...we'll be ready for them. :oD
Wish us luck!

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