Sunday, February 12, 2006

Days Events & Typos

Mental it when you type in the dark or else words like "now" end up looking like "not".
Well, today went well, if I do say so myself. :o)
We did fairly well for ourselves...and if we hadn't eaten so much, we would've made almost all my bus money. we got rid of enough stuff...but I still had to call a place for donations, and the lady will be here Tuesday after 4pm.
This week is gonna be nice. Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and the lil-ones at the preschool are having their Valentine's Day party, and I'm looking foreward to making their treats...Valentine's Parfaits. Look foreward to pictures. :oD
Did I forget to mention that we got our hot water tank?
Now the boys are fiddling round each other discussing what needs to be done...picture a broken down car, and a family of mechanics with beer.
We managed to get off on time this morning (mom chose 7:30...but I would've chosen to leave no later than 7) and when we got there, all was well, except they didn't have any tables left inside the hall, so we got stuck outside. now, thankfully, it was a beautiful morning, and the sun was out, and only a slight breeze came and went all morning. But it was still pretty cold. I was actually smart, and knowing how I have a tendancy to get chilled when we do this sort of thing, I wore long johns and three layers of clothing, so I wasn't really all that bad. My toes did get quite cold from time to time though.
I'm rather disappointed that we didn't get the fabric off like I was planning, but maybe this coming weekend...we shall see. i was also hoping to do some kind of baking, if I'm going to do this weekend. There was a gentleman there talking to us, and he was asking mom if we were gonna do the "Garage Sale" at the gym here on the westside...planting ideas in my head he is. ;oD
I must say, with all of that junk outta here, it looks much better.

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