Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well, it's Thursday. Oh boy...
Don't have much planned for today really, not a whole lot of cleaning that iwant to do cause most of it got done yesterday. I dusted and did the dishes, put the laundry away, cleaned off the table, tidied the entryway...
oh, I guess I should clean the bathroom today.
Poor little guy has beensneezing up a storm this morning. I figured I'd not give him his cold medicine today and see how he does, since he's been getting it the last two days. Sneezing, and his voice did come back slowly this morning as well. The sneezes are deadly cause everytime he sneezes, whatever was in his nose comes out...usually on his chin. he starts yelling for me, "ewww, mom!"
Ahh...the joys of parenthood. I haven't washed my hands at home this many times since the last time I had to make hamburger patties.
We went out shopping lastnight...went to Value Village and then to Wal-Mart. Had to drop dad off at guys' night while I was at it though.
Mom bought me 2 new tops and a pair of jeans from VV, and two new tops and a pair of black pants from WM. They fit wonderfully...cept the black pants need to be taken in and up a bit.
D got himself a gumball machine and another nerf gun. I've had it with the Nerf guns...I take no responsibility in them at all...that is ALL dad. He can find the missing arrows/balls, and figure out why it won't shoot sometimes. Not I, no thank you...I don't like gun, and I certainly don't like toy guns that actually shoot something at people. But...I've let some slack out, what can I say?
Well, who knew a mini gumball machine was so much fun??
We got both toys at VV, and when we went to Wal mart, he insisted we buy him real gumballs to go in his mini gumball machine. *tsk tsk tsk* He hasn't stopped playing with it since he put the gumballs in it lastnight. *spin* *watch the gumball drop*
Made pancakes this mornin for breakfast...I cannot believe what I did.
While I was trying to make the batter, Chance was trying to make his breakfast sandwhich, and Kimmie was cleaning out fridge for garbage day. Dangit, if I didn't drop the BOX of salt on one of the eggs Chance had taken out of the fridge and set on the stove...And of course the egg went all over me, down the front of the stove, and onto the floor.
Anyways...D said, when I asked him if he wanted plums, or syrup on his pancakes...said he wanted plums, like he had at gramma's house. ;oD
too cute...he's very good at eating his own pancakes. :o)
Anyways...dunno what we're gonna get up to today. Am still trying to find some teaching plans that are fun for D. Always keep yourself busy so boredom doesn't sit in.

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