Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Managed to catch my late night bus...with the drawback of arriving early, and to a locked bus depot. I'm just glad that I decided to layer up before I left home. :oD
After a 40 minute wait outside the terminal, they opened up, and I finished out my wait inside for Pokie to come and get me.
This day seemed incredibly long.
The whole trip started out eventful...but I don't feel like getting into that right now, cause I wanna go sleep...
I fell today...going downhill, LOL, kinda funny. I didn't lift my foot high enough going on earth does that happen? anyways, might've stretched a muscle...but am otherwise ok. :o)
Spent our day walking round from place to place...decorated Pokie's apartment some...cleaned it some, and generally got things more organized and homey feeling.
Tommorow we will be bowling...and who knows what else...hopefully sleeping in. :oD
Anyways...just thought I'd post a quick one before I head to bed. ;oD

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're okay.