Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big City Skyline

Trying to keep myself de-stressed.
The whole point of my vacation is to try and let go of the stress that holds me at home, and extra phone calls don't help me, but ok, it's a fact of life.
It seems unfair to me that when I decided to take a vacation that I'm still plagued by the problems going on at home. When Chance took his vacations ages ago, he seemed to have that blissful ability to just leave the stress where it was, and I try not to send it to him.
I just don't seem to be able to forget that easily, and it bothers me.
Fuck the martyr syndrome, let me have some fun while I still can.
I just want to relax for a little while...and enjoy being pregnant for it's simplicity, and possibly not have to worry about anything other than what I feel like having for dinner.
Was thinking of a movie today, but we'll see what we get up to.
Yesterdya was nice cause we wandered with pokie's friends Trevor and Erin, and we spent time on her apartment, and even went and spent some time over at Steven's place. We really got around yesterday.
I sometime's get jealous of the life that other people lead. I never got to know single life, not on my own anyways. I always lived with people and didn't have the opportunity to actually strike out on my own.I never got to decorate on my own. Always had to ask someone else's opinion before I could do anything, always had someone to answer to. I would've liked that opportunity.
I like the view from the apartment here...enough to know there's people out there, but we're 10 floors up.
I always did enjoy the anonimity of the big cities. ;o)

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