Saturday, February 11, 2006


The weekend is finally here!
It was getting kinda lonely round the house this week.
I cleaned till my heart was content, and D and I played our games...and he's so very very close to writing his name, I can hardly wait.
Still haven't finished going through everything I've wanted to get rid of...but we've runout of room in the dining room for it. :o)
Still got some last little hinding spots, like the bedding, bookshelf, and the fabric left...but we'll get to that in the next 24 hours, so I'm not worried about it.
We went swimming Thursday night, mom, D, and I...and afterwards had a nice shower. :o) Gotta love those evenings of family swims. The hot tub felt great, but I didn't go in too deep, or stay in too long.
I've gotten the hang of filling up our camp shower for showers, and have attempted it lastnight. Was really rather nice...kinda akwards cause I had to squat to get the full water pressure, but so nice and hot it was heavenly. So it would seem I am self-designated-shower-filler-upper. :oD
Darius and I went for a walk yesterday and was nice and sunny out, but on the chilly side.
Well, we are closer to getting our hot water back and working, Uncle Art found someone who is selling a hot water tank for 100 dollars, so we'll see how that turns out.
For focus is on the flea market tommorow. My aim is to make my bus ticket money, as I have yet to recieve last pay from Sylvia...this'll be paying my way for the time being. Only 80 dollars to go. :o)

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