Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Well, it's been a kind of slow day today...everything I wanna do requires lots of time and energy.
I've sorted through my clothes, and got Chance's bags of clothes, gone through all the junk from the bathroom, got rid of most of my books (novels, rather), some Christmas stuff...still hafta do mom&kim's clothes, then jackets, and shoes for the entire house...then gotta do junk spots. Video tapes, cassette tapes, just regular junk that's been hanging around for ages...old games, books, winter clothes, bedding...and, last but not least, fabric.
I figure if we're gonna do it all!
Would be nice to go through my storage unit, but I just don't have that kind of time to devote to it right this very moment.
The midwife's appointment went well. My placenta will not cause any trouble during the pregnancy and labour by the looks of it, because it's not getting in the way. :o) Got an update on what sort of foods I should be eating, and also got a whole bunch of information for resources around the community. I'm impressed with the last one the most. Since I'm at home now, I can start to try and prepare Darius a little better for the coming baby, and hopefully work on relationship skills a little more so I can help Chance and Darius get along better. We shall see what sort of courses and activities I can come up with.
Am hoping to develop an at home day plan for Darius. Once that including writing, and a craft each day, and playtime either inside or out, and also some type of independance builder...mebbe with snack planers that he canmake himself.
Cross my fingers and hope that all my organization pays off!

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

what a busy little bee! neat ideas about preparing Darius for the baby; education things; and relationship issues...great job!

Anonymous said...

the plans sound really good =)