Thursday, February 23, 2006

Old Fashioned

Well, today was uneventful. Fine with me cause I feel like I can barely move! LOL
After two days of walking, and tossing some bowling into that action, my legs are a touch on the sore side, and I'm hobbling like gramma.
I took a hot bath today, and that lessened the stiffness in my legs to a degree, but when I got out, I took another nap! LOL So, really, all i did today was sleep. What a relaxing day. Didn't leave the apartment for nothin, slept, had a snack here and there, relaxed some more...all the way until Steven and Kathie arrived. then we watched March of the Penguins, which I thought was very cute, and they ordered some chinese food. Kathie taught us how to play Dominos, which was fun. Pokie had to work tonight, so I am now all alone in the apartment. :oD
I'll be heading home tommorow morning, which is ok with me...I get a full night to myself. Everybody needs alone time.
I'll be watching a couple of movies and getting some good sleep. Dunno which movies I'm gonna watch yet, but we shall see. I'm all set for munchies...chips, candy, and pepsi!
So, here's to some good-old-fashioned-alone-time...slow down the fast lane.

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