Friday, February 03, 2006

Baby Shower

It's kinda hard to believe that I'm already halfway through my pregnancy. A Little wearing on the nerves.
Transitions are a little difficult, sheesh.
I'm trying to plan the Baby Shower that I would like, and can't decide whether I should have it in May, or June. Probably June sometime. In any event, I'd like to do it before the baby arrives, less hassel and worry for me.
In any event...whilst shopping for baby clothes yesterday...I had a wonderful thought come to me. When I make up invitations for the baby shower, I'd like to assign everyone an age/size range for baby clothing...Or mebbe make-up a checklist of categorized items that can be checked off with Mom since I know a baby gift registry won't work because not everyone can make it to the same stores as others. At the very least I ccan specify certain brands of certain products that I'd like. Like baby bath supplies, baby clothing, baby accessories (Monitor, Mobile, Baby Box), baby health items (gas drops, tylenol, ora-gel).
I'm too organized for my own good.
Hopefully it'll all work as planned...and hopefully everyone I invite shows up to help me celebrate my new addition. I know it would mean a lot to me, since everytime I try to have a party no one shows up.
I've vowed to just start snatching up baby things whenever I see them. hopefully I'll have money to do this, but we shall see.
I've asked Ronnie to start buying baby food from the states because they have Gerber (bigger selection, and better quality as far as I'm concerned) and all we have is Heinz.
Yesterday we bought a whole swack of sleepers, receieving blankets, and baby towels. I was quite happy with it, and it settled my nerves somewhat.
I'm feeling kind of antsy after accepting that I'm halfway there and realizing that I have absolutely nothing for the baby saved or anything.
I'm going to buy a trunk once I can find one (I would love to hit the local flea markets in search of one) and start storing all baby clothing and items in there.
Considering I don't know whether we're gonna have just a playpen, or a crib yet, I'm gonna hafta hold off on most bedding, though I'm sure it wouldn't be a bad idea to collect things for all depends on how much space we have. :o)
I feel so anxious about starting the baby collection, it's rediculous. I've got lists, lists, and more lists.
Just take a deep breath, and when done with that, make a run for the toilet cause baby found the bladder again.

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