Friday, December 29, 2006

Poor Tia

Well, lastnight was eventful.
I ended up taking Tia down to the Animal Hospital lastnight at about 10:30. Poor thing looked terrible. She's been puking all over the place since Christmas, and yesterday she was having a tough time standing and she was real weak and meek.
Just got a call from the Vet. they said it would cost 1400 todo an exploratory surgery to remove what they call a "Long object". Cat's have a fairly quick track that passes things within hours and since it's been three days it's not likely she can pass it on her own. They also said if left in there it stands that it could possibly rupture her intestine on it's own because it's not moving, and it's causing it to accordian.
They've got her on two IV's one for fluids and one for anti-biotics. They also said she's looking very bright this morning. They don't take payments for surgery. That's just dumb.
Stupid fucking Vet

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Anonymous said...

:( sorry to hear about tia. i wish i could help.

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