Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Over!

There IS a God...the day is over.
Well, rolled outta bed later than usual, thanks to the kids. Got up, and spent the morning with both kids and then went home. Vacuumed, and cleaned up, then made lunch before realizing I had to go to the Food Bank to pick up my hamper.
Holy Scheeze.
If I'da known it was gonna be that much of a fiasco, I would've gone first thing when they opened. As it was, I was forced to go back home (after getting my number and waiting for an hour) and pick up the kids, and jump Chance's truck before I went back to finish off my waiting. When i arrived back I was promptly seen, and then given a series of tickets for different things.
First I got to go through racks and racks of clothing for all of us, and picked out mostly items for myself (I'm guilty, I know) then I was ushered into a room (where they had sitting service, so someone stayed and played/occupied D) that was filled (in an orderly manner) with Christmas Decorations/items, Housewares/furniture, kids toys, adult gifts, baby gifts (all new for the last 3) then used toys, and books. It was amazing. I'm very impressed at how organized and helpful they were. I had a kind lady not only usher me around the room, but she also put each item I chose into a bag and put it with the rest of the things I chose. Then I had to go get my hamper. That in itself was four boxes stashed full worth of food.
I got all the makings of a healthy Christmas dinner. Turkey, stuffing mix, fresh carrots, 10lb bag potatoes, tons of canned food, powdered milk, flour, coffee, sugar, candy for the kids, treats for us adults, and had my pick of loads and loads of bread and buns and other goods that could be frozen.
I have to say that after the scummy beginnings in their main interview office, I felt very special after and while going through the hamper service. I'm curious if it's like that all the time, or if it's just this way now because of Christmas.
Anyhow...took it all home, unloaded it and put everything away (always a chore because everything needs to go into plastic containers to keep any mice out) and picked out something for dinner, packed it and the kids back up and took it over to mom's house.
Made a snack for D & I, ate, packed him back up, took him home, got him changed and decent looking, and packed him over to the local Library where Santa was visiting. We sat for storytime, and listened to live music while we waited in line for our turn. got a good few pictures. After we took a quick walk to visit Chance at work (his work is in a building right behind the library) and sat there for a few minutes.
Went back home to pack up other food items that we had too much of that mom needed, and then came back to mom's house. Collapsed on the couch and promptly became a useless blob.
Mom fed D, while I fed H, and then she got him off to bed. Afterwards she took H and I went in her room to watch a part 3 or a 3 part TV movie called "The Lost Room".
I'm exhasuted, but tommorow's shaping up to be the same kind of day, so I figured I'd post my Santa pictures now, before I collapse. Check Flickr for the rest of them.

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