Monday, January 01, 2007

So, it's 2007.
We got Tia back yesterday, after them making such a fuss about needing payment upfront because they don't do credit, they phoned and told us we could come get her, even if payment hadn't beenin full. Kimmie and I went and picked her up. When the girl at the office went back to get her, we could pick out her yeowling when she was getting closer. She was so happy to see Kimmie it was amazing. She yeowled even louder to give him hell, then immediately started rubbing her chin on his face. Then all the way home she told him about how horrible the hospital was, and how much she missed us. She snuggled down into the basket we had her in, and contentedly let kimmie pet her.
So, the kids have been baneed from the grandparents' room to give Tia a chance to heal properly because she's not allowed any overly phsyical activity like running away from us.
Went and visited Cathy and Roger lastnight, just for about an hour and half. I brought a cheese ball over, and they scarfed it down in a matter of minutes. I can't believe how long it's actually been since I'd made one, guess I'll hafta make them more often.
It doesn't feel any different.
We had tacos for dinner lastnight...late, mind you, but dinner none-the-less. I tried mixing ground pork with it, and it tasted quite nice.
I predict this year will suck.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear tia's back home. as for your prediction that this year will suck, think how good it will feel when it does get better - and i think it will.