Tuesday, December 12, 2006

High Winds

Lastnight we had a high wind warning...
Can you guess where I'm blogging from? :oD
Yeah, we took refuge at mom's house lastnight, and the pilot light kept going out, and it was raining something fierce.
Did I mention that our gutters have been falling off at our house? They got all filled with junk, and ice, and they just fell off the other day. Thankfully it didn't do any damage, and didn't hurt anyone.
Stayed up doing my Christmas cards, and once I finished those, got the kids into bed.
We all took a nap lastnight, pretty late, and I was surprised that they both went to sleep no problem. Guess we all needed some extra Z's.
Am eating yummy baked spaghetti leftovers from lastnight. yum.
D/l-ed a bunch of pictures to Flickr from our sledding adventures and such.
I've also got some pretty funny videos, but dunno what I'm gonna do with those.
No appointments today, but we do need to go and do a bit of grocery shopping.
We went tot he Food Bank yesterday for our interview, and we're supposed to pick up a hamper on Wednesday between 1 and 5pm. That place was creepy, and I don't mind saying it. I'm sure if they had better facilities, I wouldn'tve felt that way.
So, anyhow...just kickin round mom's house today, hopefully we'll have a relaxing day, cause that's what we need.

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