Friday, December 08, 2006


Well this week went by quickly.
Wednesday the roofer was "for sure" coming by but never showed. Yesterday I paid Chelan our rent, finally. Poor woman must've thought us crazy for waiting so long, thank goodness she's so east going.

Went shopping with mom Wednesday and yesterday, looking for a Christmas tree, but couldn't find one for a decent price. Broke mom's bank with all the other sruff we bought tho... :o)
Chance took D to the gym lastnight, and apparently the folks who were there were making fun of D. Chance quoted one of them as saying "Who's kid is being bad again?" I wasn't impressed with the way he handled it...I would've bitten more than a few heads off, and shut them up rather rudely had I been there. But I wasn't, and that's why he was misbehaving.

I had Chance bring over all the boxes from storage so I could go though them. I can't believe all of the stuff that I have feels more like home.

Am making a stew for lunch smells good.

While at the gyn lastnight Chance jammed his thumb on Harry's knee, and that's why he came home earlier than usual. This morning he woke me up so he could go to the Dr.'s. After 2 hours he came back and said it was broken, but he has to wait until Tuesday to get a cast on it so the swelling has an opportunity to go down.
He said the Dr. offered him a note for work, which he delined, but he did ask for a note for me, which the Dr. said "you'd be surprised how many men ask for that".
My house is a mess now, cause I hafta wash everything & organize.
My poor washer has done at least 2 loads per day since I got back from Ohio, if not more. I'm worried I'm gonna wear it out.

I found my Serger Manual, hopefully I can fix the problem without it needing serviced, but I doubt it.

Chance's Work Christmas Party is tonight, and Mum & Kimmie are babysitting the kids for us. Yay, an adult night out.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear the adults are getting out..sorry to hear about chance's thumb. and speaking of the washer and dryer getting a work out...and afraid you'll wear 'em out...remind me to tell the story about the windshield wipers.