Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

Well, here we are on Boxing Day.
What a weekend. Friday we went to Roger and Cathy's, and had a good visit.
Saturday I was sick, Sunday I was feeling better but we didn't do anything.
We dawdled all day awaiting midnight, and I got D down by 9.
Harry came over and we wrapped up a quick gift for him.
Midnight arrived and Chance began handing out gifts, while I took mega-pictures.
I took 248 pictures, and I had 10 videos on my camera when I unloaded it lastnight.
All going to Flickr of course.
We left Darius overnight as we dragged our butts home, and then we got awoken to a phone call . D was on the other end "Can I open my presents now mommy?"
So, we got dressed and came back to mom's house.
This whole seperate house thing is a hassel and it's costing us gas money.
Anyhow, we no sooner got in the door and D was tearing into gifts, and I was scrambling for my camera.
I took bunches of pictures, but my camera wasn't focusing properly, and I discovered my batteries were dying. Then I discovered that my replacements were dead too, so I really didn't have a choice but to use the ones I had.
Got a few really good pictures though.
Today I plan on hitting Zellers to use a $30 gift card at some point...hopefully I'll find a good deal.
I slept at mom's house lastnight.
I had intentions of playing Wii with Pokie all night, but I relented and let Chance come back (I had sent him home with D&Ralph to put D to sleep) and Hunter came out with mom, and I got stuck on the couch with him. Chance didn't even offer to hold him once. The whole reason why I booted him out to begin with is because he has a tendancy to get in the way of me having fun with my family. Occasionally (on the few times I do see my family) I enjoy playing with my family child-free. Doesn't happen very often, and I'm pretty mad about it. Only because I can play with Hunter around, but the fact that he cared more about having fun himself, than offering to let me play while holding Hunter, or even switching off, didn't even occure to him, really pisses me off.
After we arrived yesterday I had an energy boost, so I started on making desserts and such. Gramma joined me not long afterwards, and we got all of our holiday baking done in one morning!
We had chocolate pudding, upside-down Rhubarb cake, upside-down peach cake, cherry biscuits, mixed fruit biscuits, strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry pie, and an apple pie. Was a lot of baking to pop off on one morning.
Afterwards, we started on dinner stuff. I chopped and sliced all veggied and got them ready in pots sitting on the stove, while mom prepared the Turkey.
Was a long afternoon. I could've used a nap...but no such luck.
Dinner was at about 7.
Us older women dyed our hair Auburn while we waited. I did Gramma and Mom's, and mom did mine. My blonde streaks turned red instead of Auburn, and Gramma looks interesting. I don't think she thought she'd go quite that extreme.
So, I am, frantically trying to upload pictures before the stupid computer shuts down me.

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