Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Up

We got our Tree up today...witha bit of fiasco, we squeaked it out.
First mom bought it from Value Village for us (thanx btw) and I got it in the house this morning.
After I got up (my morning to sleep in) I showered and pulled it out, only to find it was missing a section.
As I was getting ready to take it back, I wennt out to our vehicles to switch the car seat over, and discovered the missing piece in Chance's truck.
Hauled it in, and set it up...and it took 2 hours just to adjust all the branches, that's how scrunched they were.
Finished that, then D helped me put on the lights, and hang the ornaments. It looks pretty. It's plan yet cause there's no flashy garlands, but we'll be making those out of paper over the next few days.

We've switched rooms with D, in preration of getting our King sized bed from storage. Still unloading boxes from storage, slowly working and unpacking.
Still working on my never-ending poor appliances.
Just finished cooking dinner, and folding loads of to eat.
I'm just too productive today.

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