Monday, December 18, 2006


What an incredibly log day.
Very productive though.
Got most boxes sorted through enough, and whittled down and out what I don't want/need. Still getting our room organized though. Hopefully tommorow we'll have our King in our room. and I can start putting my clothes away, like I wanted to today. Unfortuntely with all the extra stuff coming in and how messy the place was to begin with we had to organize before we could bring anything else in. Which just meant that I spent my day cleaning (as usual) and Chance brought one load over from storage.
He also got his cast off today, he says his thumb is still sore, but he has a thing about being bound (I always wondered why he wanted to get married) and had them take it off before he went nuts.
My evil laundry pile is back.
It's windy as shit out tonight, but I actually do need to stay home to make sure stuff gets accomplished.
Harry will be staying the night, Chance actually just left to go get him from work. Apparently he's hitting rough times, and needs a reminder of a good influence, so he'll be visiting with us for a bit. I don't mind, I always did enjoy his company.
I feel like I can't get enough to drink today...I can feel it in my hands just how dry I am.
I've been playing Christmas music on the computer (my new stereo) all day and Chance finally said he's sick of hearing
Whilst going through stuff today I found a whole bunch of CD's I thought I had lost. I'm so happy! I found my Poodle Hat CD, Beatles One, and a slew of other ones. I had a smile plastered on my face let me tell you.
Gotta do some dishes and get my kitchen cleaned. The problem with having such a small kitchen is that it's easy to make it look messy.
Will be doing some Christmas shopping tommorow, I hope. Now that I don't need to worry about absolutely everyone, it shouldn't be too bad.
Laundry, dishes, meal planning, vacuuming, sweep and washing floors, bathrooms clean, get clothes put away. Hmm, so short on paper.
Added more stuff to my I keep forgetting to take pictures of the three footer I have on our entertainment center, but both of them have added red velvet ribbon bows. It really balances the green garlands we made. I'm now satisfied with our tree.
Guess I should get started on some stuff in here before Hunter wakes up.

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