Saturday, December 23, 2006

I woke up with a raging fever this morning...I could've been in tears had my grandparents not been here. My back was so sensitive that it felt on fire, and my whole body was aching. Thank goodness I didn't put up with it for too long cause I broke down and took 2extra strength tylenols and sat over a heating vent while the furnace was blowing hot air. Broke me into a sweat and warmed me up (I was freezing prior to) and made me feel more comfortable.
Ralph took TJ out for a walk and we're waiting on them to get back before we head over to mom's house.
Steven and Candice arrived lastnight and they had to come get mom's housekey from me at Roger and Cathy's.
We visited Roger and Cathy for about 3 hours, from 7-10 lastnight, and it was a good visit. We had fun, and afterwards we went to welcome S&C here.
So, we arrived at mom's to find Pokie trying to hook up her new Wii, and then the fun really began.
Chance, Pokie and I had a blast trying out the tester sports game that it came with. I wa laughing so hard at one point that I was giving H a milk-shake, and I swear I was trying my hardest not to wet myself as at that point I really had to go. We had fun for about 3 hours of trying it out, and then I came home with H, and Chance spent the night there with D.
So, I'm feeling loads better with this Tylenol, and we'll be leaving soon for Mom's. Dunno what we're gonna get up to today, but we've been invited back to Roger and Cathy's for a visit with all of us.
We shall see...
It's snowing outside.

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