Tuesday, December 05, 2006

La dee da

Emergency Home Kit
I'm working on one for our house, or at least trying to make everything accessable. Lord knows I have enough boxes that I could toss everything into. Just takes a bit of calculation is all I spose.

Been trying to finish our laundry which just seems to keep on going, I've been running my poor washer and dryer non-stop for the past two days.
Lastnight was our first night back home since we got back from our vacation. I kept waking up cause the wind was blowing hunks of snow ontot he roof from the trees along the side of our house...which is pretty scary cause there's a good 10-20 feet in between us.
I was soooo tired yesterday, thank goodness for caffine or I would've never made it through the day as long as I did.
Am starting on getting H to sleep on his own, and in his playpen in D's room. SO far we've done 1 nap, and no bedtimes...but we've only just begun. We shall see what our future brings us.

We've decided to start home-schooling D, because we can't afford Pre-school, and the teacher I like is leaving, which means he'll have a lady I just don't care for heading up the class. We're looking at scheduals online to help us out. We're also looking into the connection between Left-handedness, and Dyslexia. The other day Chance asked D to write a 3 and he wrote an E instead. He also reads from right to left.
Stuff to ponder in any event.
We've worked out that we'll be picking up Gramma on the 21st, and they'll be bringing their dog with them, otherwise it would be just Gramma coming and not both. She was real happy about that.

Mom's talking about asking for ppl to pitch in for groceries this holiday, instead of us making sure everything in bought with just our funds. It's a thought. :o)
Boy, our house seems to be settled, but I know we're still missing things.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Steven and I can chip in for groceries.

Do you know if Niamh's coming?

Amber said...

Yup, Chance is sposed to be picking her up when he goes to get Gramma, though we haven't actually spoken to Danielle or Ni themselves...guess I should phone them