Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, here I am.
We missed Pokie and Steven's leaving. :o(
We went Thrift shopping today, and on the way home decided to stop at the grocery store to buy extra dinner items cause we assumed Trevor and his Girlfriend would want dinner (Pokie mentioned this as payment before) and by the time we got back they were gone. :o(
I'm disappointed, but it was probly me holding us up when I stepped into Zellers that made us late coming back. Damn me and my shopping.
I got a purse for myself, Van Helsing (4.97!) and Just Friends. Plus some chocolate, laundry soap (even gramma commented on how much laundry I do) and Cranberry Giger Ale. That was my Christmas gift (30 G/C).
Now we're back, and lazilly making dinner and such. Oh boy.

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Anonymous said...

with a family of four, laundry is probably a full time job!