Monday, December 25, 2006


I have 248 pictures to unload on my camera!
Serves me right for not unloading for a week, especially during a special time. fever was only one day lasting...thank god. I swear, if Ihad felt that horrible two days in a row, I would've taken drastic measures.
Christmas went well, and I got tons of pictures. I had a blast.
We stayed up until midnight, but put D down to sleep at 10pm. He slept over at mom's, while I took Hunter home with me.
We awoke this morning to the phone ringing and it was D, "can I open my presents now mommy?"
So, we threw on some clothing, then packed up the few things we needed, and drug our sleepy behinds over to mom's house. We arrived, and no sooner did I take off my shoes, than I had to snag my camera and D started tearing into his gifts.
They both scored big time this year, and they did real well.
I got a few real good ones which will be posted on Flickr later on.
I did a tremendous amount of work in the kitchen today.
Got strawberries sliced and ready for the pies (I froze them back during the summer), and instructed gramma on what to make to go with the fruit that I was preparing.
Then i chopped all veggies for dinner tonight, and got a meat and cheese platter ready for our all day snack fest.
I just d/l-ed all the pictures, then I'm thinkin i may just take a nap with Hunter.
As far as I know, Harry will be joining us for dinner. Oh boy, I can taste the Turkey now.

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