Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

Ahh...the weekend is almost over once again.
Am currently washing the laundry that I've got built up...holy schmoley, we've got almost all of our clothes dirtied up. I've still got about 4 loads left to wash, and I've already done three...boy, how much clothing do we own?
Anywho...we decided to try a different laundry mat for their dryers, and discovered that not only were they better priced, but they were cheaper because they dried faster because their machines were not only newer, but bigger as well. Always nice to find a bargain.
It was a beautiful day out today...bright and sunny, and warm, with a hint of a breeze that was real chilly.
Mom and D went for a nice long walk this morning, and almost made it to Extra Foods before I picked them up. We went to Timmy's for a hot chocolate and doughnut before coming home to drive Chance into town so he oculd go play golf with his friend.
Afterwards, we hit up a playground, and then decided to attempt to drive Darius to, oh man, did that ever take a while...I had driven all over the westside from one end to the other...not to mention Kelowna as well, before he finally fell asleep. He only stayed asleep for an hour and mebbe 20 minutes, of course, he's tired and rowdy, and rough-housing.'s almost shocking to see the difference in him when everyone's home. makes me sad.
Went to the casino with mom lastnight, and was also shocked there because they finally put a bar in...and it's actually like being at a bar. Stupid obnoxious drunk people milling about, standing around, and idiots on the tables. So...anyhow, after the crowd thinned it was much better, almost back to normal. Was a nice relaxing evening out. was nice...did some driving round, and then came home and had a snack, before attempting to do some laundry.
Mom and Kim are off to Bingo this evening, so hopefully D will get to sleep on time to make up for lastnight.
Tommorow morning mom's gonna take the car in to get it fixed, and since it's only down to the end of the road, she's gonna take D with her, and then she's gonna walk back with him.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to start taking a nice walk each day...the weathers' been so beautiful, it's just perfect for it...and I'm finding that it makes my hips feel better.
Chance is finally back to work with Art. Thank goodness.

6 days until my little boy turns 4.

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