Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have a chiropractor's appointment today. Oh boy. Just a consultation to see what level of relief they can grant me, but we shall see. So, the initial consult is 50 dollars, and they can check out my whole family for that one fee. Kinda, of course, Chance is coming along, and once we're finished, I hafta take him upto his site.
Once finished with that Ihafta go over to Lori's to pick up my cheque from her...but Phil said he's only paying for one order, and the fuckers just tried to send it through again, causing another NSF.
Feel like pulling my hair out.
D is getting spoiled rotten for his least from us. :oD
Got his gifts...and am still anxiously awaiting phone calls from all parents. We've recieved 4 phone calls so far. Grrr. In any event...I've estimated the cost of this birthday...just in party-wise, to have cost me 230 dollars...roughly. Include gifts and it's 330. Just from me. Making it the most expensive birthday yet. eep.
Anyhow...I guess I should go, I need to shower...

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