Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy Days of Family Gatherings

Well, productivity is the number one way to rid oneself of the blues.
Once again, Chance was getting antsy for whatever I set up a list of chores to be done, and a lot of them were fairly detailed/hard so, he's working off that negative energy, and it's paying off.
So far, we've dusted, washed all the door knobs and other surfaces we've been touching since we've been sick, cleaned the tv screen, vacuumed, swept, washed kitchen floor, did dishes, refilled our water botles, cleaned out fridge, cleaned toilet and tub, put all laundry away.
Lots more, but mostly little things that are a dily thing. Darius has been a big help. he really enjoys cleaning when you get him down to it. Does a decent job too. :oD
Trying to decide what to make for the reception at Cathy and Roger's.
Funeral tommorow. Gramma's coming with my Great Uncle Paul (one of D's favorites), and we'll bee catching up with her in Salmon Arm. She said she felt it was important that a family elder be present for the service. So, she did her fancy phone callin and found her way out. Now, all we hafta do is fork over the 40 bux to get her back home. Thank goodness she classifies as a Senior, or it would't be so cheap. So, in any event, she'll be here for the weekend...which is nice.
Anyways...we're getting an oil change today as well. hmm...busy busy.

"If you loved me...I'd be more sure of myself" Jann

I wouldn't mind having the time to buff my nails today.
Am definately gonna make cookies for tommorow, but dunno if I should make some bread, or mebbe some dinner rolls, or mebbe a pie. Hmm. Baking is my arena.
I'm so sad...Our Lady Peace is coming to Kelowna...and of coure it's not within my budget to get tickets. I loved seeing them in Columbus...they're absolutely amazing live. They put out terrific energy, and they are very humble. I wish. I swear to god all the good bands come when I can't afford it! They purposely watch my bank account, or listen for what my circumstances are! Damned commies!
made a veggie platter when I was tossing dinner together lastnight...and ate it after Idol was on. hly Schmoly...I gotta learn to stop early when eatig that stuff cause I just got incredibly bloated and was torture for a while cause I could hardly breathe. I couldn't help it was just so crunchy.
We went to a language class lastnight down at Sensisyusten school. Was kinda nice. Had an elder telling us stories and the basis for them. Always relaxing when I don't hafta worry bout home, or how bored I am. Darius played with the other kids that were there. They were all friendly, no one hurt each other, said mean things or played bossy. I was impressed. Afterwards we went over to Constable Neil Bruce and watched a presentation put on by some of the youth, and was real cute. I wish I would've caught it from the beginning.
In any event, we had fun. D was exhausted by the time we got him home. :oD
Always nice to tucker him out.

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