Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's a Rich Man's World

Well, today was busy, but in a not-so-hectic way. :oD
As it was a pre-school day, I drove mom to work, made D his breakfast, made his snack for lunch, fed and dressed him. Chance drove him to pre-school, then went and picked mom up from work, cause she wasn't feeling well. :o(
I did some cleaning...vacuumed, managed to tidy things up a bit, loaded dishwasher and finished the dishes and that sort of thing. ;o)
Spent over 2 hours on the phone with Gramma lastnight...kept chuckling cause you know I haven't talked to her in a while when i can sit comfortably and talk to her for 3 hours and not orll my eyes once. :oD
D had a good day at pre-school, and afterwards we went to the DOllar Store so I could pick up a few small things we needed for round the house.
Am getting kinda anxious about D's birthday, as I'm going to have to make a deposit for the room at Spacewalkers, and I don't even know how many kids will be coming. The sad part is that we can't bring any outside food in except the cake. SO chincy, and cheap and completely unfair. I mean, why should we be forced to feed our children junk food just because some tightwad asshole wants to make more money? I'm sorry, I prefer that the children who come to parties here have healthful, nutritious food, and it frustrates me that because D wants his party in a specific place this year, we can't provide that.
Aside from that, we haven't discussed a theme or anything yet...and when we do figure something out, I guess we'll get the invitations out and such.
Made a bunch of phone calls today...made D a Dr.'s appointment, at Chance's request, and a Dentist appointment, and also schedualed our first councilling session, but am now going to need to re-schedual because Chance has an interview an hour before hand, and I don't expect it to be over soon enough to make the appointment...and seeing as I'm paying 50 bux an hour...
Apparently Art is taking on some units in Penticton, and as such, Chance won't be able to work with him until he's finished with those. Yay. I guess it's a good thing that I got my last pay cause we've got bills, and all these lil extras.

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Anonymous said...

why not have the party be a "cake and ice cream only" event in the afternoon, that way you get to have YOUR cake (or Darius' that is) and eat it too! and the "tightwad asshole" doesn't get to dictate what the kids get for lunch. Hope that helps!