Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy Bees

Well, tahnk goodness. We have a day like this every payday. :o)
Two days of binge my final pay from Sylvia, but the damned wench put the wrong SIN # on my, I'm pondering how to go about getting a proper one out of her.
Anyhow...did a lot of shopping yesterday and today, and now I'm just plan old exhausted. Out pantry is chalk full, can't fit anything else in, so is the fridge. I literally burst out laughing when i took a peek in the fridge tonight after we unpacked everything...fresh fruit galore, juices, milk, eggs, sandwhich meats, condiments. Also bought lots of snack crackers, cereals, canned veggies, soups, tuna, juice crystals. The only thing that is not chalk full, is the freezer, and that's pretty darned close anyways cause I bought a bunch of bread. :oP
So, I've almost gone through half of what I got...but that's ok. No glasses for me, but that's ok too.
I bought a bin to put the baby stuff that I do have's not much now that I have it all out at once, but oh well...still plenty of time. I still need to stock up on the things that I'll need that we can get now...basically, everything but diapers/bottles/rubber nipples/possibly pacifiers.
Got some terrible news that Uncle Roger's son Chad died the other day. :o( Funeral schedualed most likely either Wednesday or Saturday next. Terrible...can't honestly remember meeting him, though I'm sure I must've at some point in time. Mom says I used to play with him when we were babies...we're the same age, and he leaves behind a baby and signifigant other.
So, I'm assuming that we'll end up going to get Gramma for that one...wonder how that's gonna work. *sigh*
Oh well.
I'm feeling pretty ok about how things are looking round here, but there are still some organizing things that I want to do. All in good time I suppose, cause I hafta wait until mom and Kim's closet gets built.
Am chatting on the phones with gramma. :oD
D took a nice long nap today...and he was nice and cheery, but he really has some terrible mood swings after he eats his snack.
It's always nice to just sit back and recap everything from the past month. :oD

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Anonymous said...

Have you mentioned the mood swings after eating to D's doctor? Sometimes diabetes in kids can manifest through their behavior.