Friday, March 17, 2006

Transit Adventures

What a busy day yesterday was. :o)
Yesterday was my day to sleep in, which was really peaceful and nice because Kimmie didn't get home until late.
I got the idea to get D and I out of the house as it was a relatively decent day. Plus daddy wasn't feeling so hot, so I thought it would be good to get out of his hair and let him relax a bit.
D and I caught the bus up into Westbank, and arrived up there around 4pm. :o) Was nice, we went to the movie store and rented a few videos to watch, two for D, three for us adults. Then we went to Tim Horton's where we sat and each enjoyed a doughnut, and I had an Iced Cap, and D drank a whole small Hot Chocolate to himself <:oO.
Then we went to Zellers, where D pushed his own little cart around the store, and picked himself out a nice little Scooby Doo puzzle. We went and paid for it...and the darned Hot Chocolate must've kicked in cause man did he ever get away from me good. I'd like to add that that rarely happens to me he got me good and I blushed hard. He ran from the till, which was closest to the door, out the door and down the sidewalk before I caught him and dragged him back inside. It's a good thing there wasn't anyone behind me in the lineup cause I just left the poor lady hangin with my change. hehehe. I'm just not made for running after him when he's got caffine running through him like that. So...anyways after I dragged him back, and we collected our change and bus fare, he said he was hungry. So, we ordered him a hot dog to go from the diner in Zellers, went potty and walked to the bus stop. It was kinda getting dark by this time.
D was happy cause he got to have a "picnic" at the bus stop twice. On the way up when we were waiting at the bus stop he had pudding (yes, I really REALLY went overboard with the treats yesterday), and on the way home he had a hot dog. :oD
We walked home in the evening dusk, and D kept asking me why the streetlights were there, and kinda complained about not having a flashlight.
I'm surprised with all of that walking around, he didn't ask me to carry him until we were actually on our way home from the bus stop. Of course I had to turn him down.
I'm impressed that he was content to hold my hand the whole way. :oD
He got compliments from both bus drivers and a couple of passengers. When we hopped on the first time I had to tell him to go sit down because I wasn't ready with my money when he pulled I was scrambling for the change I had set aside. When I went and sat with him on the seat, the woman who was closest to us said she wished she could get her child to sit like that when she told it to.
I have to admit, that other than him running away from me, and pushing every possible button on every possible toy in Zellers...and him eating the candy off the floor from under their stupid vending machines, he did a good job of listening.
In any event...Dad had a pot pie in the oven for each of us when we got home, which was nice cause I was starting to get hungry. We ate dinner together while dad went to play some Basketball, and then I gave him a bath cause he had that "dusty" smell on him. Then he went to sleep nicely for me.
We watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and "Doom" lastnight...and didn't go to bed until after 1pm.
All in all we had fun, but my calves are a touch sore today. Blah. I'm surprised that my shoulders aren't sore from carrying my backpack, cause I was carrying snacks and a bottle of water, then the movies and his puzzles.
Dunno what we're gonna get up to today, but whatever it is won't be until after D has his nap, that's for sure.
We've had a pleasant morning so far. Did some artwork, and we watched the Dora that we rented, and now he having his snack before Dad heads off to play golf with his friend.
Am probly gonna watch "A History of Violence" either during nap time or tonight after bedtime.
Keep finding ants everywhere. Thats not good...s'gonna be a bad year for bugs darn it.
I miss having a job.

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