Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day by Day

Busy, but pleasant morning.
Started off early, surprisingly. Poor Darius woke up crying this morning, which roused me out of bed. When I went to go and get him, he was crying on Dad's shoulder saying he didn't want him to go to work, then it was me he didn't want to go to work, then Nana. Poor lil guy.
Anyways, after some snuggles and cuddles he was fine...and came out and bounded around the house, happy that he was going to get the opportunity to get hugs and smoochies from everyone before they left, and that it was a pre-school morning. :o)
After everyone left, we had breakfast, then got dressed and ready to go. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see Kimmie this morning, which is always a disappointment for him.
We got him up there just in time, and I hustled outta there cause I had to drop off moms car just down the road from the pre-school to get the alignment done.
When I dropped it off, I asked how long it would take...then (after much pre-medidating this morning, and swiping of money for breakfast) I walked up that big hill to the Cherry Pit (right next to the Greyhound and right across from the Holiday Inn). Had breakfast...took me an hour and then some to read through 2 Province newspapers, and eat almost all of my breakfast.
Walked back down the hill to Midas, and waiting another 10 minutes in there for the car, before paying and going to get D.
Looked like he had fun...and I kinda had to chuckle, cause on Tuesday I took one of the teachers by surprise cause she apparently didn't know I was pregnant, and when she caught sight of me, she was very happy. :o) Cute.
Anyways...then it was haircut time, and he was surprisingly very very kind. Saying I was being friendly by letting someone walk across the road before I drove on, and by letting him out right away. Then of course, the lady who cut his hair...He was so charming, he told her she was very nice and he liked her, then he said she cut hair good, and before he left he insisted on giving her a hug and a wink. :o) She really liked him. :oD
Afterwards we went to go visit Nana at work to bring her up-to-date on the car (cause they charged and extra 40 bux for the labour to get the tie-rod loosened or whatever, anyways it was over 100 bux to get the alignments done), and just as we were pulling up she hopped out of a car and came running over. We went down to the School (where we usually do our language class) cause apparently they were having a thing for the adults...and that was where she was heading b4 we pulled up. Good timing I say. we are now...had to drag D home early cause he was due for his nap and combining going to bed a little bit later, and waking up earlier, someone was tired...with a capital T.
And the battle ensues.

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