Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday! we are.
I guess it's a Daylight Savings Time Weekend, according to Kimmie.
Mom mentioned we could possibly go to Gramma's for the weekend...Just consulting Kimmie to see if he wants to go. I hope he does, i could do with a day or two out of town. :o)
My lil guy slept in until almost 9 this morning. Oh my! Guess he needed the sleep.
I drove mom to work this morning cause Chance has an interview with the Arc Program up in Westbank today at 11. Then after I did that i went to McDonalds to pick us up some breakfast, Kimmie's treat! So was nice, had a quiet Breakfast with the guys...and afterwards relaxed on the couch before D got up.
Yesterday Chance brought home a hid-A-Bed/loveseat, and a double bed (yay! I finally have a real bed!), and also he had his friend bring over the dryer from storage! Yay all around!
We started laundry lastnight, and I managed to do two loads of our stuff before I passed out. :o) Hopefully I can get at least one load of D's stuff in tonight.
We also got a new lock for the door as the one we had was kinda hokey and was starting to go on us, so mom bought a new one. Chance just finished installing it. He's such a handy-man!

Oh my son is asking how I made a baby inside of me.

Did some tidying yesterday to allow room for the new furniture, and vacuumed today. Still hafta clean all the touchable surfaces today, and mirrors. Plus do some dishes.
I wonder what D and I will get up to today...hmm. It's sposed to rain at some point in time. I'm also waiting for a concert ticket drawing on the radio today, so the radio is staying on and I'm staying glued to it. Hopefully I win the tickets, and Chance and I can have a night out. :oD

Well, looks like it's just us folks goin, no Kimmie or mom going to Grammas. Oh well, at least we get to go!
D woke up this morning soppy...poor lil one said he was having a dream about going pee in the bathtub. hehehe Water dreams...
Trouble makers we to go find something to do. :o)

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