Friday, March 24, 2006


So, lastnight I got my first adjustment by the Chiropractor that I went to see. I'm didn't hurt, except when he did an adjustment in a my neck (it's always tender there). They had a funky bed that uses compressed air to help with the adjustments by droppeing and lifting different parts of the bed. I was also amazed that when he was done, the adjust only took about 7 minutes, and I felt a difference when I got toff the table to walk.
Literally...I felt that I was putting even pressure on my feet. Normally I limp cause my left hip hurts, and I felt no pain in either my back or my hip. Was pretty cool. I'm impressed. I'm not as tight this morning...and whilst I was making D's birthday cake and breakfast, I noticed that I place my weight differently, and even stand differently. Kinda hard to my body actually feels different. All I know is that my lift hip does not hurt...and that's a big bonus because that's what keeps me from walking further, or doing so much in the kitchen, or even playing limited games with hip can't handle the stress. We shall see though. Unfortunately, they are costly...and MSP won't cover nearly enough of it. Hopefully we can manage least until I deliver the new baby. If just one adjustment did that for me...what could continued care do for me?
Am getting my days' worth of protein in one meal...ugh. Made D an Angel Food cake for his cake, and it calls for 12 egg whites...and as it was breaky time I decided to scramble the yolks for myself. Holy heaviness batman.
Anyways...cake is made and finished...and mom printed out the picture that I'm making this's a "zealot" alien from Toy Story. You know, the little green guys from the claw machine in the first one. Darius calls them "Sylex-es".
Still hafta call Spacewalkers to confirm how many pizzas we'll need...and how it's going to work. I spoke to someone who said even though she got the mega package, like us, she didn't have any organizer help her even when they had the party. So...I'll be addressing that way I'm payin out the wazoo and not get all the benefits I'm entitled to.
Anyways...we're gonna do some crafty stuff today...I wanna make thank-you gifts to toss into the goody-bags for the kids. That way it's a personal touch from D.
My son turns four tommorow. Only one more year until he start kindergarten, and I hafta start putting him on a school bus, and let him do sleepovers, and walk to/from school by himself. Gawd. That's just too much...nevermind the tuition.

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