Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Minor Annoyances

What a day yesterday was. Went to do my blood test on Monday, and found out they needed at least an hour with me at the lab b4 they could do it. Blah.
So I had to go in again yesterday. Spent an hour there...after drinking this yucky orange-pop tasting drink. Was pretty boring. Got my blood test done, and got outta there.
Came home, had lunch and tossed D into bed, and after eating, took a nap myself. :oD i've been feeling awefully tired lately, hitting times during the day where I can barely keep my eyes open. Thank goodness Chance is here with me...hopefully this phase will pass. Maybe it's because I know someone else is here with me.
Had my appoitnment with the midwife yesterday. Went as well as could be expected. :o) Was schedualed to have a physical, and I was very relieved to find out that that didn't include a "Vaginal exam". But, it was different than any other physical that I've ever been in. She listened to my heart, took my blood pressure, listened to baby's heartbeat, measured my tummy, did a breast exam, felt for my glands, and took a look my my back for how it looked relating to chiropractic work.
After all was said and done, she mentioned that I have a heart murmur, but because it's never been discivered before, she believes that it's relating directly to the pregnancy. I think that'll explain why I get so out of breath from time to time, and feel like I can't breathe. She also recommended that I go to the Chiropractor to adjust my back because it's out in bottom, and that's what's causing my hip to hurt so much. Apparently (and she had Chance's help on this) I'm left side leans down more than the if that wasn't a little nerve wracking having your midwife and husband compare your butt cheeks, and both agree that one is lower than the other. So...I guess I'll be making an appointment with them when we have the money. *sighs* health care may be covered, but it's not covering all the extras that are coming with this pregnancy.
She even recommended a Doula for extra pre-natal things...I had wanted a Doula from the beginning as well, but as they aren't covered by BC Med, I just tossed that idea out. But, upon asking if they had pre-natal classes available at the hospital, or Maternity Ward tours, she said they don't offer either. If we wanted a tour of the maternity ward, we'd hafta phone in advance, and hope we get a nice nurse, and an empty ward. The local College (UBC) offers pre-natal classes, but that's pretty much the only place that has them. Apparently though, the Doula will, from my understanding so far, would help us with our own personal prenatal classes. Birthing positions, ways to ease my stress and put us at ease during the labour, and helping us develop and stick to a birth plan.
Darius ate his breakfast on his own this morning...pancakes with plums. Yum.
Am anxiously waiting for Art to call us to let us know when he's goin back to work...honestly, this is the worst timing for Chance to not be working...and it's stressing me out something fierce. Not only do we have bills, but we also have extra expenses this month, both for D (dentists and b-day), and pregnancy related.
I'm also anxious because not one of the other parents from D's pre-school class have called us back to let us know whether or not their children will be able to attend his party. am I supposed to know which kind of pizza to order?! How am I supposed to know how much to pay the place?!?! Fuck people...come on, get with the program.

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