Monday, March 06, 2006

Old Friends Die Hard

Just another little vent here.
Phoned my friend Lori earlier...let me make a connection here. I had a friend named Cathie, who stopped talking to me because of her youngest daughter Kayla (who is now pregnant), and who also happens to be Lori's mother. That's the really really short of it.
ANYways...Kayla lives with Cathie, and I only now really get to talk with Lori.
I phoned Lori to let her know that I'm attending a La Leche League (breastfeeding support group) meeting tommorow evening, and told her if Kayla was interested in going, I'd be happy to pick her up.
Anyhow...Ms. Cathy said I was overstepping my bounds, and stepping on her toes, treading where I shouldn't because I'm offering to help out a bit.
I'm offended by this, and miffed because my offer to tote Kayla along to a breastfeeding support group wasn't for my benefit, it was simply offering information for a choice she'll have to make sooner or later in her pregnancy. I'm simply offering information.
I believe that I know Cathie would never take steps to attend any groups (other than ministry offered and approved), or gatherings for expectant mothers. I'm taking advantage of community resources as a an expectant mother, and I'm merely offering the option for Kayla to do the same. I'm not trying to butt into anything, and am certainly not trying to get into anyone's business.
I'd really rather stay out of it, but my judgement and concience (sp?) won't let me do that because I believe everyone has the right to be informed.
Now, asides from offering her the opportunities that I know her mother won't offer her, I'd really rather stay as far away from her as possible because I know the circumstances of the situation.
Sometimes I really feel sorry for people.

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