Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I slept in...Chance stayed home from work. Art got his schedual mixed up and called off today when it should've been Wednesday...darn it.
Anyways...after I got up, D and I took a shower and got dressed...and went for our daily walk to the bus stop. I decided to take us the other way, instead of into Westbank. So, we went to MTF. I got him a new Buzz Lightyear towel cause he made a little hole in the one he's got. :o)
Was nice, had our daily "picnic" at the bus stop...and nearly froze cause tthe stinkin wind was so chilly.
Yesterday D and I walked towards Extra Foods cause we were gonna have a BBQ that we needed some groceries for. So, my first time running accross the hwy with him was'nt terrible at all. We had perfect timing because there was only one car to wait for and nothin else on the hwy after him. :o)
We froze was a bit decieving cause it was beautifully sunny, but with a bitterly cold wind that happened to shove some clouds in front of the sun after we got accross the hwy. Darn. Thankfully, we got halfway to Extra when mom came and picked us up.
We've made the discovery that it's shorter to walk to Extra on the other side of the Hwy than it is for us to walk there on this side. Interesting.
Anyways...we had a nice BBQ with Smokies, Hamburgers (storebought, not homemade), fresh veggies, baked potatoes, Butter N Herb noodles, and some leftover cake with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. Yum.
There was some Strawberry shortcake leftover this morning when I got up, so that's what I had for breakfast...hehehe.
The baby has been kicking really hard. Stopped me short in the store yesterday. And it's starting again right now. It feels like it's actually jabbing me instead of kicking...or even stretching. :oP
Got Ronnie's box today in the mail...was waiting on the porch when we went to leave for the bus stop. We also got a small package from Chance's Grandparents in California. :o)
Lot's on neat things.
We re-organized D's room to accomidate his new TV. He enjoys having it in his room. I'm hoping that it doesn't go over-board, and that I made the right decision in bringing it up. :o
It looks nice, and it definately feels better to have a nice clean room that has decent organization.
Naps suck.

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