Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shoe Addict: The Coolest Heel & Fun Shoes

Carina @ The Blogette did a post about her Coolest Heels and I couldn't pick which ones were my fav heels. I dunno that they're cool as much as classy. I don't usually stray too far from basic colors like black, brown, and white. In fact, I think I've only got one pair that isn't one of those colors or shades. I guess I depend on my wardrobe to bring out the fantastic colors that I love so much. I mostly wear these shoes for dancing. I'm one of those ppl who's whole body temp is controlled through their feet, and if my feet get too hot then dancing just isn't fun. I'll take ppl potentially stepping on my toes over being too warm anyday. I couldn't tell you where I got the first pair on the left, only that I've had them for over a year. The second with the wrap around strap I bought for my Uncle's wedding back in '06, and the last I've had since '00. ANYhow, these are my top two fav heels, and the runner up.

Ok, and after digging through both my closet & basement storage, I found a pair of FUN shoes. Carina also did a post back in the end of December about my fav pair of fun shoes. At first my response was...I don't think I own any fun shoes. I found a pair!! Yay! I bought them on sale for 5 dollars a couple of years ago. Ok, so they are a basic color, but I only wear them with specific outfits that I reserve for special occasion, so I'm lucky if I wear them once a year, so here they are!

3 thoughtful remarks:

Hepburn Hilton said...

Ohh great collection!!! The first pair is fierce! I hope they get to dance often... The last pair looks so comfy. Do you use them outside? Or are they only for indoor use?

only a movie said...

Love that last pair. Like your new header too!

Amber said...

I do use the last pair outside, though like I said, I only wear them about once a year
Yeah the first pair get used about once a month, which is my limit on a Girl's night out :oD