Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Shopping Network

On occasion, I have been known to watch this stupid channel out of sheer boredom. I've never had my own credit card. Honestly. Not one Mastercard, Visa, Capital One. I've had credit cards in my wallet with other people's accounts and my name on them (so I'm validated to use), but never my own actually credit card. Maybe I should change that when I start working again. Because of this weird Anomaly, whenever I watch these shows I desperately want a few of the items and truly regret not being able to phone in on a whim to get them.
Items I really really want:

The Cricut (pronounced Cricket). Shown on the left. It's a Die Cutting machine. It can make stencils, cut out fancy schmancy letters, lace, and really make things really decorative. Did I mention it can cut through fabric as well?? I drooled when I saw the infomercial for this product, and I'm still angry I didn't ask someone to buy it for me.

The In-Styler. Oh man, if I could curl my hair in 7 minutes instead of the 20 I'm workin at now my upper floor of my house would have much less cleaning up to do when I decide to concentrate on me.

To Do: Get your own damned credit card, and save enough on it for those "discreet" home shopping experiences after buying the above items.

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Canucklehead said...

hey there,
just wanted to clarify a few things:
1) - you can type anything and it will flip it for you, easy as pie
2) you cannot make money with Entrecard, it is just a way to get visitors. it's free and it does bring about 50-100 people/day. i may leave but i would certialy recommend checking it out - tell 'em Canucklehead sent you.
3) I do appreciate you popping over and commenting - all the best!


Jack said...

Hmmm, You mean I'm not the only one! I don't have a credit card either, I am authorized to use hubby's which I only use for "in case of" moments... I don't like debt so I doubt I'll ever have my own credit card.

My expressions LIVE said...

I bought her the cricut...hoping to butter her up for the worked....come over and scrapbook!

Kitten said...

I know what you mean about the Cricut! As an avid scrapbooker it's the Holy Grail of cropping products!

Sometimes I watch HSN out of total boredom as well. There's some good shit on there! It's hard not to be tempted!