Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucky Charms? I Think Not

I watched my two year old pick all of the marshmallows out of his bowl of Lucky Charms this morning. It was can't tell me he hasn't got dexterity. Did I mention he refused to eat the rest of the cereal? Yeah...classic.

My aunt recommended this Craftzine site to me, and since I've been reading it I've seen so many projects that I want to try! Thank goodness they have archives or I'd bookmark every project that I have my eye this one, about making a fabric bowl with cording, and any fabric you wish. I have visions of giving these things away as gifts to family members, if I can only make it to the store to get the proper amount of cording I'll be in the clear!
Have you ever watched a toddler run? Mini-humans, with uber cute actions that mimic what we do on a daily basis. I love to watch H run. His hands ball up and go right to his sides as they swing back and forth close to his body, his hips rotate with each step, and he seems to defy gravity, leaning into each corner, like that tells him which way to go. If he's asked me to come and look at something, this is the point where he checks back over his shoulder with a quick glance and either picks up his pace or stops to wait for me.
I love watching him concentrate on opening something small in his hands. He stares deliberately at it, and decides his best course of action before he even attempts to open it. Then his face crinkles up in his imitation of a childlike frown, and his eyelashes are long against his cheeks as he nearly goes cross-eyed when he brings the object close to his face to examine. His fingers pinch off miniscule pieces, and as each piece comes off he hands it to me with a little "Here mom" so I can collect it all and throw it in the garbage for him.

Did I mention we had an appointment with the plumber this morning? We have hot water heat, and since it's still cold in the house (though it's bearable, there's no reason why it should still require us to use a space heater cause everything in the downstairs in plastic-ed up, and we even got new weather stripping on the doors) we talked to the Landlord about it. He recommended we consult his plumber, and that we could wind up switching over to electric instead, which is fine with us. I decided to call sleeping in this morning, as my last meeting with the plumber was not a great experience. We met as I was bringing the kids up the stairs with some paint supplies on the day we began moving in. When we introduced ourselves, he mentioned that the new tenants were supposed to move in that day, and I replied, "yeah...we are". His response? "I'm sorry, I thought you were the cleaning lady". Yup, so I decided to avoid him this morning and sleep through it instead. My Mr though, being the brass balls kinda guy he is did mention something about it in his conversation with the guy though. Can't imagine how embaressed he was about that, but oh well, I can't feel too horrible.
Got a small list of things to accomplish today, get some Cub Scout stuff accomplished, finish getting this laundry out of my way and put away properly, and possibly prepare some food for tonight's get-together for the Arlovski vs Fedor MMA fight that we're going to watch this eve.
Also, we're attending a dinner at a customer's house from Mr's place of employment. When the lady called to give me directions, she called me "Mrs. Restaraunt". Kinda cute...kinda not. It will be a new experience though, so bring it on.
The shower is calling my says "Come make yourself human again..." I wonder, how did it know??

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Kitten said...

I had a friend who used to buy raisin bran, pick out all the raisins, and eat the cereal. Sometimes she ate the raisins, sometimes not. IDK...

My expressions LIVE said...

Have fun at dinner tonite....I would be happy to help with the