Monday, January 26, 2009

Phase Two

Phew...phase two of the PTO Raffle Committee obligations is over and done with. The first phase was to hit up as many businesses as we could. Together, my Mr, myself, and the 1 other committee member hit up 162 places for donations. I still have about 45 letters left over that I may just send out again anyways. I can think of a few places that we missed. Sentthe info off to my mom (I'm cheating, but that's what moms are for!) to work together into a spreadsheet for me, now need to figure out the value of each donated item, and put that into it as well. Closer to said event (which is the last week in March BTW) we'll be bundling up G/C's and donations together for the formation of fantastic raffle prizes for both the public, and for the volunteers. Oh boy, oh boy. I'm surprised I've made it this far. I'm hoping the worst is passed now, and I think I'm safe in doing so. In any event, I'm feeling far from discouraged about it all at this point, and am rather proud we've accomplished as much as we have. Just wish the box was more full, but it's not because we got mainly donations of Free Admissions and G/C's. Yay Us.
Off to go cook dinner...gotta work on January's Letter and February's Cards with the boys this eve.

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