Saturday, January 03, 2009

Overwhelmed, Slow It Down Please!

I had a tough time sleeping last night.
My Mr made me watch The Rivalry (a documentary about the Ohio State/Michigan University Football thing) with him last night...he bribed me with Popcorn and a snuggle on the couch through the entire thing. Yeah, I know...I'm easy. Anyhow, it actually wasn't too bad, very informative, and impressive that it goes back as far as it does...and after watching it (and I think I may have caught him tearing up a few times) I think I may be able to finally say "I get it".
Anyhow, dunno how my mind got started on it, I think it was rather hovering over the subject all night, with my Mr reminding me every now and then about it...our move back home this summer.
I get this sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about it. I so badly want to go back home, but there's a giant pit of financial death waiting to swallow me up. I ran away from the debt that I had there, and upon my return I'm going to get bowled over, and I know it'll be tough, and that it'll take us longer than we plan to get back on our feet from the mistakes we left behind. Not only that, but I'll be getting a job for the first time in 3 years, which will require me to go take one of those educational "How to get a job" courses cause it's been that long. I need to figure out how to tweak my resume, and interview skills to land the job of my dreams, or one that I won't mind getting up in the morning for. The last job I had I hated for the entire second year I did it. I hated it, and I don't a job that I hate again, even though I'm rather impressed that I stuck with it for that long.
I need to sit down and make a list that will, at the very least, include all of the debt that I can recall from the top of my head, and a plan to pay it off. I need to make a list of all the things I need to make before the end of the sewing machine will not be allowed to gather any dust, unfortunately. I have some Ribbons (for Cub Scout parents) to make, a curtain for the new bunk bed, along with a pocket for the upper bunk (D keeps dropping his flashlights & books by accident), and a few other things. I need to crack down on that damned PTO Raffle thing, cause they need 3 big prizes by the end of this month so they have enough time to print up the damned Raffle tickets, and I'm feeling the crunch.
Oh glory, I feel like I'm being swallowed alive and I can hardly breath.
I still gotta get the damned decorations down today as well, dang.
It's times like this where I feel about 6 inches tall and I'm taking on the world, I know exactly how David felt when he met Goliath...I hope whatever I got to throw is gonna do the trick and I can pull a personal victory outta my ass on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours looks like a fun one as well, I will be checking in often. I hope that I will be posting enough to keep you coming, my frequency is spotty at best. When I do post, it's seldom short so at least I give readers plenty of words for their time. Are they good words...that's up to you. Looking forward to seeing YOUR words. Take care,

Anonymous said...
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Jack said...

One priority at a time is my motto... it's too overwhelming looking at the big picture.

I hope you get some time for you this week :)