Saturday, January 31, 2009

And A Pine Wood Derby Winner Is...

Yep, after a few nights worth of heckling, the Mr and D work on the car together and finish it the night before. Typical.
Mr volunteered to help set up the track and such last night, then this morning we had to arrive early for any finishing touches that needed to be done. We woke early, and got everyone ready, as we were all excited about today's races. We grabbed breakfast and headed out the door. We set ourselves up at the Hut, and got settled in and ready for the day to begin.
I designated myself photographer, and had the best seat in the house...mainly because I got there first. I got some videos, dunno how great the quality is yet though, cause I haven't had a chance to look them over.
D's car was under weight, and so when it was weighed in the Mr decided to add a bunch of weights to it to bring it up to weight, and then they set off.
Afterward, it was only a matter of settling in and watching the fun...of course the Tiger Cubs went first, but that also meant that we'd have to wait until everyone else was finished. Now, my good time was nearly ruined by the other den mothers, as they had such rotten attitudes that I was actually embarrassed, shocked, and ashamed that they had the gall to behave the way they did. Don't know what we'll be doing to remedy this situation in the future, but rest assured we won't let this one lie.
After racing 9 other cars, in a double elimination, D came in First (not losing a single race!) for the Tiger Cubs, and Fourth over-all (out of 35, and he only lost his last two). It sure surprised us, as we weren't really expecting anything out of it at all, honestly. He was happy, and we were very proud of his sportsman-like conduct through the event. If anything he just got a bit of a sugar burnout, as the refreshments provided were loaded with sugar.
Just another day in the MM household.
After we all got home it was snack & nap time. We all slept about 2-3 hours...was great, and refreshing, now I'm ready for stay up late night.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Jodi said...

Boy that is terrible the other den mothers behaved that way! I would have been like - 'who are the kids here?'

That nap sounded great afterwards. I probably would have done the same thing. LOL!

BELLE said...

I remember parents like that...GEEZ!

Jack said...

Oh I remember some very competitive mothers when my son was playing hockey. I was always shocked at the why some behaved in the stands, with their shouts of profanity at little kids... Despicable!

Glad you and the kiddies had fun though... great shots :)