Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Time For Music

I really wish I had enough time to select a playlist and get some new quotes up here as I've d/l-ed a bunch of new stuff to listen to...but alas.
So, the PTO meeting last night went much better than I had imagined it...of course. Like I said in my previous post I do have a major tendency to work things up in my imagination and it gets me all stressed out. I was picturing fire breathing mothers & teachers screeching at me for not having gotten their major raffle prizes yet (I've been working on it for two months, you'd think I'd have something by now, right?). They were really only minorly peeved at me for not having kept in better communication (which I'm wholly guilty of). They've decided I only need to find one big raffle prize by the end of this week, instead of three...which is a huge relief. And, as for other things on that head, the mention of the thigs we have recieved so far brought a round of WTG's from everyone, as they were surprised we've recieved what we have. Did that sentence make any sense?
Anyhow, I don't feel so bad today, and though I do feel the clock ticking until Friday afternoon, I'm confident that we can figure out something fabulous. As well I still haven't finished mailing out letters, and need to grab some envelopes for that (remind me to re-read that).
Contacted my committee members about said prize to see what their thoughts are, and cracked the whip on my Mr as his negotiating skills are so much more superior to mine.
Had guests stay the night lastnight as their apartment is without water, something to do with a reno gone wrong or the like. Anyways, made for a later night than I had planned. I was pleasently shocked when H fell asleep about 9pm and stayed asleep for the rest of the night (with help from me of course). It made for a very quiet evening as D slept over at MIL's.
I think I caught up a bit on sleep as I slept like a rock in H's bed with him until I heard the Mr's alarm this morning, where I decided to switch beds.
I've done most of what I needed to do today, and I feel loads better about what's going on. I'm hoping I pull something fantastic off by Friday.
Otherwise, I've been taking a long much-needed break from cleaning. After keeping the house spotless since November, all the cooking, baking, slicind & dicing, sewing, organizing, packing, unpacking...I feel I deserve a break, and am kicking my feet up quite nicely. It is with it's irritations though as I know a few people don't like the way the place looks...I say psh to you. I'm an adult...I've earned the right, right?
On other things...H has decided his favorite color is green, and now prefers to eat from green colored dishes and drink from green colored cups. Interesting...D didn't have a fav color until he was 3 and began watching Dora (consequently, purple is still a fav color of his).
I'm tired...and the new obligations keep popping up, so I keep dredging on.
I'm now signed up for Aqua Aerobics (SO much fun) on Tuesday & Thursdays, and D is getting signed up for Ice Skating this eve for each Wednesday. So, hopefully we can find some time to squeeze in the writing thing with D, as my Mr pointed out it's going to fall on my shoulders cause he's just plain mean when he gets him to do it. *sigh* It's a bleak existence, but I love it for what it reason for living.

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Amarie said...

Glad to hear things turned out better than expected.