Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Letter & Obstacles

Man, this "Brought To You By The Letter..." post really has me stumped. It may take me a day or two to come up with a complete list. Hmmm...unexpected, I think.
Been thinking a lot about our trip home, and am actually beginning to daydream about it.
Life has settled down dramatically since this time last year. I'm not as young as I was.
It's truly funny how I tend not to consider myself an actual "grown up" in most situations I'm in. I submit myself to the older influences, and place myself in the position of in-superiority. Just one of the many complexities that make up who I am.
As an example, take PTO. I have two kids, and I'm a great parent, but when I'm in that PTO meeting I feel like I'm the youngest, most inexperienced person in there. It could be true to an extent, but all of my other experiences could definitely make up for what I'm lacking in PTO skills.
I'm 27. I'm as adult as I can get. I have this whole list of qualifications that say I'm an adult, and yet I still feel like a child when entering an adult situation where there are more over-powering figures to be had.
This blog has long been an outlet for those thoughts that prey on my mind. Read my archives, and you'll see all of the conflicts (seriously, they go back 4 years) I've fought with in my mind. I don't fight many battles outside my home, the majority of them are all within my own mind. I can recall a time when I thought I needed counseling, but that was when I had no faith in myself what-so-ever. Now with my outlook, I have the confidence to face my conflicts head on and be comfortable with the time it will take to overcome them. I think that was my main obstacle in my youth when I thought about overcoming these things, the thought that it would take forever and then when it was through it would only lead to the next issue. I guess I've come to understand that I will always be a work in progress, and I'm ok with that. Finally. All I needed to do was pick one obstacle and start. So, here I am...

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

You wanna different letter???? LOL
I can give ya a new one! Okay, how about the letter *S*???

Jodi said...

Amber, the beauty of it is that we are all works in progress. We all have the ability to evolve and change and prosper.

Keep smiling!!