Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Fill-In's #106

1. It's January; My Great Aunt turned 50, and my Gramma turned 66, I gotta remember to phone them.

2. Sleep and a cuddle or two is what I crave most right now.

3. Cork and wine go together like Children and sleeplessness.

4. Sour Milk in a nice warm bath is so nourishing.

5. Let us dare to have hope.

6. I'm really tired of cleaning my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to completing my major obligations for the PTO, tomorrow my plans include making a plan for the sewing projects that need to be finished and Sunday, I want to go to church to hit up fellow members for donations (but I'll probably stay at home and try to get more sleep)!

On a side note, I have given up on my crusade to completely transition H to his own bed, as I can't seem to get any sleep myself, I've just decided to get him used to his own bed first, and then start getting him used to being in it alone. So, that means I am now spending my nights sleeping on a really stiff bottom bunk with a snuggly little mr. Giving up, I know, but at least I'm getting more than the few hours I got previously, and this way I'm not quite so touchy and impatient. I hope that getting us used to not being in the same bed goes a bit more smoothly in the future.

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Jack said...

Great Fill-Ins Amber, hope you get that much need rest this weekend!

ps. I totally sympathize with you trying to get the little one to his own bed at night.. been there, done that! Takes a while, but be persistent and eventually he will get it :)

Danielle said...

Loved all your answers. Have you really done #4?
Have a great weekend. We'll be starting the bed battle in the next couple of weeks when the bed arrives!

Anonymous said...

Sour Milk in the bath tub!? Are you serious??

I just stumbled for this article (below) yesterday, and now I'm reading about how you are facing the same issues with getting your kids to sleep in their own bed. I'm not sure if you've read yet or not, but here you go:

I have to post the whole link because I don't remember how to make neat little links using html anymore...

Have a great weekend.

ShannonW said...

I need a nap! SO I can understand craving sleep.

Happy Friday

Sherrie said...

Love your Fill-In's! Brings back memories of when my son, who is now 39, was small. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week-end and get some rest! Thanks for stopping by my place.


jkluginbill said...

Oh the sleeping in the own bed thing...YIKES...I gave up several times as well. Don't worry I promise at 13 he will totally be in his own bed! :)

Thanks for stopping by today. I enjoyed your fill-ins!

Diana_CT said...

Yes, we have to have hope in these troubled times.

Yvonne said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love your answers. Very from the heart!

Am new to your blog too and love your photography work! I shall be back to have a peek again soon :o)