Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Survived

Had a dentist appointment this morning. Needed a couple of fillings...bummer, I had fillings on each side, so my whole mouth ended up numb, unfortunately. Did I mention we're under a Level 2 Snow Warning? It crazy snowy out, and it's coming down so fast you can't tell if they've plowed or not (which I'm sure they have). As they were working on my mouth I watched the ceiling and every now and then I took a peek outside and almost every time the snow was blowing sideways.
I'm starving. Am making Hamburger Stew. Yum.
The dentist was really nice, a new one (after the last experience, I needed it!), who's in the same town as I am, about 8 minutes away. A bright, up-to-date office with little sticky men stuck to the ceiling, which I found very entertaining. So, he was very friendly, and attentive, and I found out he used to live in my house years ago! Small world. He kept checking to make sure I couldn't feel what he was doing, and if I could he'd shoot me up with more numbing junk. He did the injections slowly, and I hardly even felt them. When he first came in he asked how I was doing, and I admitted I was feeling a bit nervous and he did offer me gas, but I declined. I get all claustrophobic when they put that mask on. Truly, I can only remember once having a mask on, and that was in the hospital just after I arrived in labor with H, and I hated it.
In all, I was in there for two hours, the Dr. did the drilling and the like, then he sent in a "filling specialist" who then proceeded to spend about an hour filling my teeth to her liking, and I honestly can't even tell I have fillings in the teeth they worked on. That's one heckuva specialist. They worked tirelessly on getting my bite right (as opposed to last time where they only adjusted once or twice) and sent me on my way. Had to dig my truck out, and throw it into 4 wheel drive to make it home. Most of the staff from that office were being sent home, save for a select few who were staying to complete work on another patient before they too headed for home.
I'm surprised it's so windy, though I know I shouldn't be...cause it's Ohio.
After arriving home D was very fascinated that I could only move a portion of my face and mouth and kept asking me to make different facial expressions to test my numbness. Of course, I obliged...keep that dentist fear at bay I say! I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have any soup ready, but it makes for an adventure making it myself. I love the anticipation of smelling the items in the pot and getting my tastebuds ready for a feast that only I seem to enjoy.
Did I mention school was cancelled today? I'm assuming because it is, that there will also be no Ice Skating for D tonight as well. I'm looking forward to working on some finger puppets that I started lastnight. I'll take pictures and post them later, but I'm really surprised at how easy they were, no more than 20 minutes on each one, tops!
I'll probably set the boys up here in the dining room next to me while I sew, and we can all watch a movie on the computer. The Mr has to close the store tonight, but who knows if they're planning on staying open or not.
Need to go check that feeling kinda woosy from that silly T3 I took, was starting to feel pain, and rather than wait for my food to finish I took it on an empty stomache...silly girl.

2 thoughtful remarks:

only a movie said...

Eat some crackers~!

hope the tooth calms down and be careful in all that snow...

Jack said...

Two things I really can't stand - dentists and snow.

Hope Thursday's a better day for you Amber :)